Memories of Papa

 Memories of Papa was a very special project in honor of a very special man.  His daughter had asked me to create a quilt from his clothing for her mother but I ended up creating several unique items, one for each member of the family.

Loving Arms Wrap Quilt:


 Designed to comfort his widow by wrapping her in her husband’s loving arms, this lap quilt was created using 10 of his shirts that were the most memorable to her – some that she gave him, some from special occasions, some that he just wore frequently.  The label (a mini-quilt in itself) depicts the couple on their wedding day and again, almost 40 years later, enjoying time together on one of their many camping trips.


Favorite Shirt&Jeans Picnic Throw:


 Designed using one of his favorite summer shirts and several pairs of his jeans, this picnic throw sparks fond memories for his daughter of the frequent weenie roasts around the fire pit and story telling for which her father was well-known.  Made as a denim rag quilt, this picnic throw is attractive yet durable, able to withstand decades of use.


Papa’s Princess Pillow:mopsandra

Created from 14 of his snap-front western shirts, this pillow is a beautiful reminder for a little girl of her much loved “Papa”.



Throw Pillows:  

Created for his grandsons, these two throw pillows are made from shirts.  Each features a pocket in which small mementos can be kept.




2 Responses to “Memories of Papa”

  1. Denise Says:

    These items were made with love in memory of my Dad. They are truly beautiful and a wonderful way to remember my Dad. I am grateful and blessed. Thank you!!

  2. Marlene Says:

    Beautiful, touching and inspiring! Thank you for sharing!

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