A Crossword Puzzle for Mom and Dad

Crossword Puzzle Quilt

Made for his parents from his clothing, this crossword puzzle quilt uses shirt fabrics to represent letters that spell out words describing their beloved son.  The companion throw pillow (below) provides the key. 

Crossword Puzzle Key


 The label includes the poem
All is Well
by Henry Scott Holland.





In addition, a throw pillow for his brother shows them as youngsters and features an excerpt from the poem,
All Is Well.


4 Responses to “A Crossword Puzzle for Mom and Dad”

  1. Courtney Estelow, widow Says:

    I had this quilt made for Doug’s parents in this design because Doug and his mom would race each other to be the first to get the crossword out of the newspaper. Doug loved crosswords and other puzzles.

  2. Crystal Says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Courtney. This was a really special quilt to design and I appreciate that you allowed me to create it for you. Developing the grid with words that speak of Doug, choosing fabrics to represent each letter – I just love the final result.

  3. Janet Estelo Says:

    What a very treasured gift the quilt and pillows have been to us, Doug’s parents and Randy, his brother. It gives us great joy to share this quilt with friends and family. They all enjoy doing the crossword puzzle in the quilt with the alphabet pillow. I even enjoy bringing the pillow to school with the all the letters for my first graders to see.
    He is always with us.

  4. Crystal Says:

    I’m glad the quilt brings you joy, Janet. I’m honored to have been a part of creating this special tribute to a very special young man. And how cool that you share the alphabet pillow with your first graders! Have they noticed that four letters are missing?

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